Car Shipping To New Zealand - Shippers Guide

Sailing to Auckland, Lyttelton & Wellington

We offer reliable and affordable car shipping to New Zealand from the UK. First Base Freight is a fully insured and licensed International vehicle shipping company and has successfully shipped all types of vehicle right across the world for many years. Our team are friendly, approachable and extremely knowledgeable on import procedures in New Zealand and can help with any queries or questions regarding your shipment. We are the UK’s foremost independent car shipping company and have been shipping cars, motor homes, motorbikes, boats and trailers to New Zealand for over 10 years. See our car shipping to New Zealand reviews and see what our customers think. We work to recognized quality standards ensuring that your car shipping to New Zealand will be handled professionally from start to finish..

Shipping Cars UK To New Zealand By Container

Our sailings are weekly to New Zealand from the port of Southampton to the ports of Auckland, Lyttelton and Wellington. All vessels sail from the container terminal situated at Southampton Docks. We offer a shared container or dedicated 20’ or 40’ option, each service being both reliable and very cost effective. The Cost of shipping cars to New Zealand in our shared container services start from £895.00 for a saloon or £950.00 for a 4 x 4. Our dedicated 20’ container costs £1250.00 to Auckland. Price includes all UK fees up to arrival New Zealand.

costs to ship cars to Auckland

Car Shipping To New Zealand - Roll on/Roll off

Roll on/roll off vehicle shipping is one of the most favoured options to transport cars to New Zealand. The ease of unloading the vehicle at its destination makes this a cheaper option in Auckland, Lyttelton or Wellington. Vehicles are simply driven straight off the vessel and are secured in a holding area until it has been collected. The costs for roll on/roll off start from £970.00 for a standard size saloon car and sail from the port of Southampton. Transit time takes on average 37 days to Auckland, with Lyttelton and Wellington taking longer as it is transhipped on to a feeder vessel. This can take anything from 5-7 days in addition to Auckland delivery dates.

Car Shipping Costs To New Zealand

The Cost of shipping cars to New Zealand will always remain competitive throughout 2015, our history with the major shipping lines ensures that we receive preferential rates by roll on/roll off or by container services. We strongly believe in passing our savings on to our customers and will even provide Free UK Customs clearance on all cars being exported to New Zealand as well.

Customs & Quarantine Clearance In New Zealand

Motor vehicles must have been owned and used for 12 consecutive months or more preceding your departure to New Zealand failing which duty and/ or GST may apply. You should obtain a Compliance Certificate from the vehicle manufacturer demonstrating that the vehicle complies with New Zealand standards. Motor vehicles are subject to a physical inspection by MAF Biosecurity New Zealand (MAF). It is essential that the vehicle is thoroughly cleaned and vacuumed prior to shipment, paying particular attention to the wheel arches, the underside and engine compartment and interior, passenger and boot compartments. For further information please refer to the New Zealand Customs Website.

Car Shipping to New Zealand Paperwork Requirements

When shipping vehicles to New Zealand, we would require copies of the following documentation:

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