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Roll on/Roll off & Container Car Shipping

Need your car shipping? We have a huge amount of experience in all aspects of car and vehicle shipping services, including International House Removals - We have been successfully shipping cars, caravans, motorhomes, plant machinery and trucks for many years - Our international vehicle shipping services offer both roll on/roll off & container shipments overseas on fast, reliable vessels from and to the UK. We pride ourselves on being able to offer our fantastic & affordable rates for all worldwide destinations. All Account Managers are highly trained and very experienced, they can provide a wealth of information on either export formalities or import regulations including customs procedures. This will allow you to make a fully informed choice when shipping your vehicle overseas.

Safely Shipping Cars Overseas

Our very experienced Freight Account Managers are experts in the field of vehicle shipping; We have been doing it for years and have extensive knowledge that can streamline the whole vehicle shipment process. From roll on/roll off services to shared or dedicated container services - we will always offer you the very best rate. Sailings from and to the UK offer fast, reliable transit times.

Car Shipping with First Base Freight

We work with a network of trusted and long established partners in over 140 countries worldwide who will help and assist with any enquiries. We offer affordable car shipping services on purpose built RoRo vessels for all rolling cargo, such as cars, trucks, SUVs, caravans & trailers to thousands of worldwide destinations. Rates to ship a car or truck by roll on/roll off tend to be the most cost effective way to ship a vehicle from the UK to almost any area overseas, and is favoured by most of our clients.

If roll on/roll off car shipping is not your preferred option we also offer container services - our International container shipments sail from many UK ports including Felixstowe, Thamesport, London Gateway, Southampton, Grangemouth etc.. This offers a secure way of transporting a car overseas, our clients find that this is the best way to ship their car especially if they want to load personal effects inside it - thus avoiding extra charges to ship them separately.

Why you should ship With First Base Freight

We have been successfully shipping cars, trucks, caravans and motorhomes for our clients for many years at affordable rates. We pride ourselves on our fantastic customer care that is afforded to each and everyone that contacts us for shipping either a box, pallet, a car, truck or trailer to any one of the 5000 destinations throughout the world.

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